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  2. lmao nyoom ayy

    lmao nyoom ayy

  3. ayy nyoom lmao

    ayy nyoom lmao

  4. ayy *4th cutest

    *4th cutest

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  6. Twitter adventures

    Twitter adventures

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  8. Cuddles commission

    Cuddles commission


  9. theres no scarf cuz i was gonna make the towel the scarf but i just made it a towel

  10. hmmgross

  11. image

    Blue things with scarves are hella

  12. u w u

    u w u

  13. http://jarylgarennsfw.tumblr.com/post/93388523747/his-first-time-by-sconearts-as-jaryls-and-jins


    His first time - by sconearts

    As Jaryls and Jins relationship grew closer, they both wanted to go one step further. This is Jaryls first time being the bottom during sex, though, so he is particularly nervous and flustered. Jin tries to calm him down and make this new experience a nice pleasure for his boyfriend.

    I commissioned sconearts to draw this for me, and I really really like it x3 

    Also, yeah, I am realizing the irony of commissioning a “first time bottoming” picture when there’s already a bunch of pics floating around with Jaryl bottoming just fine. xD

    Artwork (c) by sconearts
    Jaryl (wolf) & Jin (dragon) (c) by me

    ~20$ nsfw commission u w u

    Reblogged from: jarylgarennsfw
  14. summonerjolan replied to your post “Rule 63 of Scone, please.”

    tits or gtfo


    still a flat chested skeleton


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