Draw yourself animu

I am in physical pain

Wouldn't chocolate kill you though?


Hey Scone, are you a fan of brownies as well as scones?
Your art is adorable. *curls up from adoration*
Hi! We do not talk together much, but you seem like a cool guy! I like your art style, as well!


nyoom thanks

ur arT sUXX!!!!



You’re right, i can’t even portray the billions of dicks your sucking correctly ;))))))))

How in the name of all that is furry, did you get your fursona so god damned cute?!?!?

liondanceparty reblogged your post Morenatsu’s sure are getting violent and added:

hehe I’m sorry my ask came off as violent I just really wanted to say something but didn’t know what to say

lol the joke is the violence its ok nyoom

*looks at you* *claps your face* clap

Your blog is adorable, I just want to hug you and everything on it.

your art style are cute. Make me smile anytime when look at it :) *pat pat your head*

make it rain

>/weather rain

Morenatsu’s sure are getting violent


Sorry for the face licking, have a thing

lmao thanks bruh